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            当我无法坚持下去的时分,我就会想起你。我想,黛博拉还活着,她就在外面的某处。对你的怀念让我熬过了这一切,你知道你对我有多重要吗?At times I couldn't stand it. I used to think about you. I'd th1号站注册-回忆往事如烟,感伤无处祭拜——《美国往事》经典电影台词截图ink, "D1号站注册-回忆往事如烟,感伤无处祭拜——《美国往事》经典电影台词截图eborah lives. She's out there. She exists." And that would get me through it all. You know how important that was to me?

            你说得没错,我杀过人,有时是为了自卫,有时是为了钱,曾有许多人来找咱们,商业伙伴,对手,爱人。咱们只接受了其内痔的症状间的部分作业,而拒绝了另一部分,而像这回的作业,便是咱们永久都不会去碰的。It's true, I have killed people, Mr. Bailey. Sometimes to defend myself. Sometimes for money. And many people used to come to us. Business partners, rivals.....lovers. Some of the jobs we took, and some we didn't. Yours is one we would never touch.

            努得尔斯,你是我从前仅有,我仅有在乎的人,但你是会把我锁在屋里,并把钥匙丢掉的人,对吧?Noodles...You're the only person that I have ever...That I ever cared about. But you'd lock me up and throw away the key, wouldn't you?

            努得尔斯…我滑倒了。Noodles. I slipped.

            人生何其妙,如是罢了,其实也不是什么大事。Life is stranger than shit, that's all. It's a pisser. No big story.

            年月催人老啊,努得尔斯,咱们都老了,回想是咱们仅存的东西了,假如你去参与周六的宴会,那么咱们仅存的回想也将散失。Age can wither me, Noodles. We're both getting old. All that we have left now are our memories. If you go to that party on Saturday night, you won't have those anymore.

            他全然心爱,但他永久都会是个小瘪三,他永久不会成为我的爱人,真惋惜。H1号站注册-回忆往事如烟,感伤无处祭拜——《美国往事》经典电影台词截图e is altogether lovable. But he'll always be a twobit punk.....so he'll never be my beloved. What a shame.

            咱们是命运的操纵,咱们让某些人过好日子,某些人过苦日子。We're better than fate. We give some the good life, give it to others up the ass.

            在空荡荡的屋里单独操练,我总算还有所小成,随时欢迎你来偷看,假如你有时间的话。I've made some progress since I danced here among the brooms and the empties. You can1号站注册-回忆往事如烟,感伤无处祭拜——《美国往事》经典电影台词截图 come spy on me if you like. If you1号站注册-回忆往事如烟,感伤无处祭拜——《美国往事》经典电影台词截图 have time.

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